who we are

Product Care is a Saudi company. our vision & mission is to be a unique product design company that take care of creative people and help them creating their first prototypes.

our values

Do it together (rather than “Do-it-yourself”).
Help people discover they can do more than they think.



صورة شخصية

Tariq A. Sangorah

Co.Founder & CEO


He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has a dream of establishing 3D products design industry in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. He is well known for his creative thinking and decision making skills. He has got an experience in creation of artifacts in society, creativity, innovation and change from Pennsylvanian University .


Maher Al Ashqar

 Director of Production and Quality Department

 Architect and manufacturer of models, the number of years of experience in the work of architectural models more than ten years, director of production and quality. He cares about the finest details to manufacture the highest quality products. An expert in the operation and maintenance of various digital manufacturing devices.


Mohamed Ghalman

Products Designer

Calligrapher and Product Designer. He joined the Massachusetts Institute of Art and Design in Boston, USA, to obtain a Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2016. He has won numerous awards in Jeddah for calligraphy. Nominated for the Middle East final in the VanCleef & Arples competition and the Dubai Formation Studio in Dubai. He has also collaborated with many prominent names in various fields, such as clothing brands, transport companies, cars, and specialty shops locally and internationally.